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Faropenem Sodium

CAS:122547-49-3 anhydride

Chemical Name(5R,6S,8R,2R)-2-(2-tetrahydrofuryl)-6-hydroxyethylpenem-3-carboxylate sodium salt

Molecular Formula: C12H14NO5S Na

Molecular Weight: 307.3

Packing:25kg/Drum Or As you request


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Product Description

Faropenem sodium is an ultra broad-spectrum β-lactam of the penem antibiotic class. It has been shown to be β-lactamase resistant and is especially effective against anaerobic bacteria responsible for oral infections, but targets a variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Faropenem sodium is freely soluble in water.
β-lactams inhibit the formation of peptidoglycan cross-links within bacterial cell walls by targeting penicillin-binding proteins or PBPs. Consequently, the bacterial cell wall becomes weak and cytolysis occurs. Cephalosporins are less susceptible to β-lactamases than the penicillin β-lactam antibiotics.

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